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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Keaton returning as Batman in Batgirl?

Michael Keaton is set to return to his role as Batman after almost three decades. After being signed on for the iconic superhero for the upcoming The Flash, it has now emerged that he will portray the role in another upcoming film, Batgirl, as well.

Who is Michael Keaton playing in'the Flash'?

Keaton also stars as the Caped Crusader in the "The Flash" (in theaters Nov. 4), a multiverse-spanning story directed by Andy Muschietti ("It"). The movie, which features Ezra Miller reprising his "Justice League" role as the title speedster, will catch up with Keaton's Batman 30 years after moviegoers last saw him.

Why did Michael Keaton wear contact lenses in Batman?

Keaton used his comedic experience for scenes such as Bruce and Vicki's Wayne Manor dinner. He called himself a "logic freak" and was concerned that Batman's secret identity would in reality be fairly easy to uncover, Keaton discussed ideas with Burton to better disguise the character, including the use of contact lenses.

Are there any songs in the Batman movies?

They are entirely pop-song-free, which is really something considering how soundtrack-driven the last batch of Batman movies was (beginning with the Prince -fuelled Tim Burton original and then continuing through the two Joel Schumacher tragedies).

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