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Frequently Asked Questions

Does kin have homeowners insurance in Florida?

Speaking of Florida, Kin recently launched its own home insurance carrier called The Kin Interinsurance Network in the Sunshine State. That means the company underwrites its own policies in Florida. “Our carrier is structured as a reciprocal insurance exchange, which is something we’re pretty excited about,” Awad says.

What is Kinkin insurance?

Kin Insurance is a direct-to-consumer home insurance company that provides home insurance, mobile home insurance, landlord insurance, condo insurance, and flood insurance. It currently serves Florida and Louisiana and plans to expand to 43 additional states.

Is kin home insurance available in Louisiana?

Kin home insurance is currently sold only in Florida and Louisiana, but if you live in one of those states, it’s worth considering. Kin’s policies come with coverage and perks that cost extra from other companies.

Why choose kin home insurance?

Founded in 2016 and based in Chicago, Kin is unique in that the primary states in which it sells policies are prone to hurricanes, wildfires, and other severe weather events. Kin prides itself on offering affordable home insurance coverage in states where many insurers are reticent to write policies.

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