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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about BBBs?

All these services are all available for free at There are local, independent BBBs across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

What is BBBBB serving Northeast Florida&Southeast Atlantic?

BBB Serving Northeast Florida & the Southeast Atlantic is an unbiased source of information, offering expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible. Our office is currently not accepting walk-in traffic. Please contact us via phone or email.

What is BBB and how does it work?

BBB makes it easy for people to file complaints. BBB handles complaints regarding any business, whether or not the business is a BBB Accredited Business. BBB handles complaints relating to marketplace transactions, including advertising claims. This process is free to customers and businesses.

What does BBB accreditation mean to you?

BBB Accreditation signifies trust and integrity, and an unwavering commitment to consumers. Join our community of trusted businesses today. I use it for work, I always make sure new employees check BBB when validating a company. The business reports are comprehensive and make my job easier.

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