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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Beacon Health System?

Beacon Health System is committed to providing you with convenient and secure access to your health records. We know that convenient access to medical records is an essential way our patients strengthen their connection to their care team.

How can I Manage my health with mybeacon?

Manage your health and keep in touch with your Beacon healthcare team with MyBeacon. This secure, online source gives you 24/7 access to your medical records so you can stay informed, connected and in control of your health – any time and anywhere. You can check test results and use secure messaging to contact your Beacon doctor’s office directly.

Why did Beacon Health System Partner with three rivers health?

“We are extremely proud to partner with Three Rivers Health, an organization that shares our vision, values and unwavering commitment to providing high quality, compassionate care to members of our communities” – Kreg Gruber, CEO, Beacon Health System Due to visitor restrictions, some classes have moved to a virtual format or have been postponed.

What is Beacon Academy?

Beacon Academy — take the next step in building your career. Beacon Connected Care — live, expert health care through your smart phone, tablet or computer. Using a mobile app or a desktop connection, you can have a real-time video visit with a doctor for minor health care issues from your home, office or anywhere!

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