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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Beacon Health System?

Beacon Health System offers a full range of mental health services, from counseling and support to intensive inpatient treatment. Whether you’re dealing with depression or anxiety or a more complex disorder, we offer advanced treatment options, technology and specialized, compassionate care to help you heal in your own way.

Where can I swim at Beacon Health&Fitness?

Beacon Health & Fitness members have access to swim at all locations including South Bend, Granger, and Elkhart. We offer swimming pools with state of the art technology and maintenance. Our staff maintain the highest quality in pool water quality and safety.

What types of group fitness classes does Beacon offer?

Beacon Health & Fitness offers many different group fitness classes including: Aqua Warm Water — Get your heart rate pumping while building overall strength! Being in the water allows less stress on your joints while getting a great workout. Bootcamp — Boot your way back into shape!

What is Beacon Academy?

Beacon Academy — take the next step in building your career. Beacon Connected Care — live, expert health care through your smart phone, tablet or computer. Using a mobile app or a desktop connection, you can have a real-time video visit with a doctor for minor health care issues from your home, office or anywhere!

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