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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the NCNC office of the State Controller do?

NC OSC Office of the State Controller As the State's Chief Fiscal Officer, the Controller serves as an independent resource to promote accountability while protecting the financial integrity of the State. State Agency Resources and System Login

Are ncncfs requisitions available for HR-payroll system run number 74736?

NCFS requisitions associated with HR-Payroll System run number 74736 are available. The ZFIR018 (SAP Payroll Postings to FI/CO Report) normal variant is also available to reconcile. The Integrated HR-Payroll System is available.

When will The NCAS BC Docs be loaded into NCAS?

The NCAS BC Docs related to these payroll entries will be loaded into NCAS tonight (10/8) and be available for posting on Monday (10/11). No manual BC Docs need to be keyed for these payroll entries. If you have questions concerning a specific entry please submit a ticket through OSC Support Services at [email protected] .

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