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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can manage my NCID account?

Government workers and North Carolina residents and businesses can manage their NCID accounts, which they use to log in to state websites and services. Users can reset their own passwords or unlock their accounts from their computer or their mobile phone. at any time.

What kind of mental health services does Beacon offer?

Beacon’s Mental Health Services. Beacon’s Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (MHSUD) services give individuals and their families the help they need for depression, post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, phobias, substance use and more.

What are the requirements for a NCID password?

All NCID passwords must be strong, and they cannot be used more than once. Passwords must: Be case sensitive. Note which characters you make uppercase or lowercase. How do I reset my NCID password? . Click the "Forgot Password" link underneath the login fields. Follow the instructions given.

How do I unlock my NCID account?

State and local government employees can also contact their NCID administrator or service desk to unlock their account. Can someone else unlock my account and change my passwords? Administrators can unlock accounts and passwords for state and local government employees but not the general public.

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