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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beacon available in Ankeny County?

Beacon became publicly available in the county on July 1. Board members approved a five-year contract on March 13 with The Schneider Corporation of Ankeny for the county to join the website.

Where can you find beacon in Iowa?

Beacon is available in N’West Iowa’s other three counties — Lyon, Osceola and Sioux — as well as in O’Brien County’s other neighbors of Buena Vista, Cherokee, Dickinson and Plymouth counties. “It’s a great research tool,” Smith said.

How do I use the Beacon map?

Click on the “map” tab to explore all the layers and functions Beacon provides. Use the tax estimator function to estimate a future property tax bill. View sales within a chosen area to see what the market is like in different areas of the County.

What is O’Brien on Beacon?

PRIMGHAR—O’Brien County is part of a website that is a beacon of public information. The board of supervisors received an unexpected update on Tuesday, Sept. 18, in Primghar on Beacon, an interactive public access tool that allows users to view county and city information, public records and geographic information systems via an online portal.

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