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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a la Porte County therapist accept Beacon?

A La Porte County Therapist who accepts Beacon, may be in network with Beacon, or can assist you to make a claim on your Beacon insurance (as an out of network Beacon provider). When you make an appointment, please chat with the Therapist you select about how your coverage with Beacon will work.

Does La Porte County have its own map layers?

Many of these layers are managed in-house but we do received layers from the State and Federal Government. These layers are shared across various mapping platforms throughout the La Porte County offices for employee use. There are many types of maps and each can contain a wide range of information.

Where is beacon located?

We are located in downtown Chesterton across from Thomas Library. Our building is a handicap-accessible with four offices that clients describe as comfortable and cozy. Beacon is a company of behavioral health experts, managed and advised by nationally recognized medical, behavioral, human services, and pharmacy clinicians.

Where can I find property records in LaPorte County?

Recent LaPorte County property information, maps, real estate data, tax information, and appraisal data are available online through Beacon. Many county-recorded land records, including mortgages, deeds, and other documents, are available online for a fee through Tapestry.

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