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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beacon portal?

What is the My Health Beacon portal? The My Health Beacon portal is a secure system that can be used to schedule and/or cancel appointments, send secure messages to and receive secure messages from your health care provider, as well as enter and view your immunization information. How do I log into the health services portal? Students can log into the My Health Beacon portal here. If you are having trouble with your login username or password, contact the IT service desk at 617.287.5220.

How to contact Maryland unemployment?

Contact Information - Unemployment Insurance. Claimants may file initial claims for unemployment benefits via Maryland’s Division of Unemployment Insurance BEACON 2.0 System or by telephone at 667-207-6520. We cannot accept claims by email. The Division of Unemployment Insurance offers a number of ways to ask questions and obtain more ...

How to apply for MD unemployment?

Of all of the relief delivered to Americans during the recession triggered by COVID-19 and its aftermath, just one major benefit wasn’t paid for with increased federal borrowing: the states’ share of unemployment insurance payments. At least not in ...

Are Maryland unemployment offices open?

maryland unemployment office is back open. according to the department of labor site, they are now open for appointment only, i schedule an appointment for friday. but the only thing is they set it up like a computer lab and you get to speak to someone via video chat do you think they will be able to help at the office. Those motherfuckers are ...

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