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Frequently Asked Questions

Are store credit cards good or bad?

The answer to whether they are good or bad depends on how you choose to use them. Like other credit cards, store credit cards offer you the chance to buy things now, when you don't have or would rather not spend cash. When used responsibly, store credit can be a beautiful thing.

Is a store credit card worth it?

For one, store cards are generally easier to be approved for. When used appropriately, you can build your credit with a store card before moving on to higher-value cash-back or travel cards. Similarly, store cards can be used to boost your credit utilization ratio and repair a low credit score.

Are store credit cards worth the discounts?

You can use a store card to build credit just like you would any other credit card. If your store card is associated with a larger brand, you may be able to get discounts and benefits at a large network of stores and brands. They come with higher interest rates than standard credit cards.

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