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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bealls still in business in Florida?

Bealls (Florida) Where there is overlap, Bealls Outlet operates as Burkes Outlet. The CEO of Bealls Inc. is Steve Knopik. Bealls (FL) Department Stores, Inc. and Bealls Outlet Stores, Inc. are headed by Presidents Dan Love and Dave Alves, respectively. They are still owned by the founding family, all are headquartered in Bradenton.

What happened to Robert Beall of Bealls?

In the mid-seventies Bealls was honored as Retailer of the Year by the National Association of Mens & Boys Clubs. 1979 brought the end of an era when Robert M. Beall died at the age of 86. He had worked at the original store until the final year of his life.

What does Bealls do to help the community?

Bealls is a longtime contributor to the United Way and to agencies that help young people and education. In celebration of its centennial year, company outreach assisted Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society; Bealls also sponsors Take Stock in Children, helping to mentor at-risk children throughout Florida.

Where was the first Bealls distribution center in Florida?

The first distribution center opened behind the Westgate store (5,000 square feet), and Bealls began its first import program. Also in 1969, R.M. was named Distinguished Citizen of Manatee County. His footprints were added to the walk at the courthouse where they can be seen today.

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