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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a barista at Beans&Brews?

Beans & Brews Baristas are expected to deliver extraordinary experiences to every one of our Guests, each and every day. Baristas prepare quality products including coffee and non-coffee beverages with the use of an espresso machine, blenders and other equipment assisting in beverage preparation.

Why work at bebeans&brews?

Beans & Brews is now hiring part time and full time Baristas. We are searching for enthusiastic, motivated and responsible people that have a love for coffee and would enjoy learning more about the world of specialty coffee. You will be working in a professional, fun and exciting environment while providing superior coffee products to our Guests.

Is there a new version of Beans & Brews?

Beans & Brews There is a new version! Please click the button to your right to get the latest awesomeness. Reload Zenapply {{a.msg}} {{}}dismiss

What can I buy at Beans&Brews?

Check out our Beans & Brews tumblers, water bottles, metal straws, handmade stoneware mugs, funny magnets, apparel and more! If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, try one of our high-quality teas made from the finest tea leaves and herbs in existence. Choose from our wide selection of black, green, rooibos and herbal blends.

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