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Frequently Asked Questions

Are butter beans and navy beans the same?

Alternative Names. Kidney beans are usually called common beans along with pinto, navy and black beans. Lima beans are also called butter beans because of the taste and flavor. The differences in kidney and lima beans are mainly in their appearance, flavors and names, because they provide basically the same nutritional benefits.

What are organic beans?

Organic beans. There are three major types of organic beans: dry beans, snap beans (also known as green beans), and soybeans. The mature seeds of dry beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris) serve as a protein source in a variety of foods worldwide. Dry beans and snap beans are the same species, although dry beans are distinguished from snap beans (green beans)...

What are dried beans?

Dried Beans. Definition: Dried beans are beans that have been dried in order to preserve them for future use, among the most popular are navy, black, pinto, and kidney. Food Safety: Bacteria are a minor threat since the moisture content of most grains and cereals prevents their growth during storage.

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