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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i Log my progress in beanstack?

You can log your progress at or by using the Beanstack App, available in Google Play or the App Store. You earn 1 point for each activity. You will receive a prize for participating in the game and a prize when you reach 45 points (45 days of activities).

What is beanstack for libraries?

Beanstack helps educators and librarians run reading challenges that engage more people and provide better data. Beanstack for Libraries. Get higher levels of participation, and the data to prove it, for popular library programs including summer reading, winter reading, and 1KBBK.

What if I don't use beanstack or beanbright?

For readers whose library or school does not use Beanstack or Beanbright, sign up on the Beanstack mobile app through our Beanstack Go option. You can track your reading and participate in ongoing challenges.

Who started the beanstack Summer Reading Challenge?

Danielle Masterson, Head of Youth Services at Flint Memorial Library in Massachusetts launched her first summer reading challenge using Beanstack in 2019. Danielle focused on direct promotion of reading challenges before they began, in the heat of the challenges, and after the challenges ended.

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