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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Bienstock group?

The Bienstock Group offers expert real estate representation with white glove service throughout the real estate process. We are one of the top real estate firms Los Angeles has– a team of high energy, enthusiastic, dedicated people.

What is beanstox?

Beanstox is a self-directed investment app. Beanstox makes investing available to all types of people to become investors, and to build their personal financial freedom.

Why Beanstock ventures?

Thank you, BeanStock Ventures, for the successful collaboration in software development… The leading solution for requirements, risk, and test. Advancing leading-edge medical research and technology through immersive training, mentorship, and access to technical and clinical resources.

Who is investing in beanstox?

You can join the 1,300+ people investing in Beanstox, a financial technology business, alongside Kevin O’Leary, Chairman/co-owner. Our automated wealth building service is designed for the 100 million Americans who are not yet investing.

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