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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bear Creek Arsenal rifles any good?

Since we re-introduced the MMC rifles in late 2013 the quality has always been good, but now under the new Bear Creek Arsenal banner, we think it is even better. Buyers will notice a nicer finish, smoother lines, higher quality markings, and a more professional fit and finish than ever before.

Is this the budget barrel from Bear Creek?

Above is the complete rifle with the 80 dollar "budget" barrel from Bear Creek. Yes, in my haste and excitement over the stainless barrels I didn't get one single picture of the naked budget barrel. My apologies. Finish and maching are very well executed on this one as well.

How long does it take for Bear Creek Arsenal to respond?

We answer all emails and phone calls in 2-3 business days typically. I cannot find your email to us based on your name so if you could provide either your email address or order number I will be happy to escalate this and look into why you are missing a response from us. BCA How easy is it to get a hold of customer service at bear creek arsenal?

What kind of barrel does bear claw use?

The feeling of guilty has occupied my mind so much that I, finally, unboxed them. He sent me a 16’’ and 20’’ in spiral fluted stainless, and an 18’’ Bear Claw spiral fluted Melonite stainless barrel.

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