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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cutler best QB in Bears history?

With Jay Cutler out this week with a hamstring injury, it's time to reflect on one of the great truths of Chicago Bears history: Jay Cutler, INTs and all, is the best quarterback in Bears history, a silver lining in what is shaping up to be a dreary season. Don't fight it, Bears fans. Accept the truth. Jay Cutler is the best QB in Bears history.

Who will be the Chicago Bears backup QB?

It is providing proof that the Chicago Bears quarterback situation may need some significant adjustments come the 2020 offseason. For the time being it's going to remain as it is. Mitch Trubisky is the unquestioned starter. Chase Daniel will be his primary backup.

Who was the 1985 Bears QB?

After significant breakthrough, ex-Bear Jim McMahon finds agony lessening. Photos of Jim McMahon, who won Super Bowl XX as the quarterback of the 1985 Chicago Bears.

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