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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Beat Saber cost?

Beat Games studio brings fresh beats from BTS to Beat Saber! Dive into the pulsing music of BTS and slash the beats in our brand new BTS Music Pack. See you on the leaderboards! ... Your cost: $8.88. Here's what you save by buying this bundle. Buy Beat Saber - BTS Music Pack BUNDLE (?)-37%. $15.00. Add to Cart. See all.

What is the hardest Beat Saber song?

Hardest Songs in Beat Saber? Discussion. Trying to compile a list and then beat them all. Here's what i have so far: 1-"Reality check through the skull" (170% speed!) 2-"Through the Fire and Flames". 3-Tied between "Brain Power" and "Lone Digger". Do you know of any harder songs that should go on this list?

What songs are on Beat Saber?

At The Game Awards, Lady Gaga gave her Little Monsters something new to be excited about with the surprise reveal of the new 10-track Lady Gaga Music Pack, available now in Beat Saber on the Quest and Rift Platforms.

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