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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BeatStars take?

The Platinum account costa $19.99 per month and you can sell an unlimited number of beats with access to other wonderful features. Beatstars Beatstars is a beat leasing platform, a digital marketplace and hosting service designed for producers, beatmakers, recording artists and songwriters to license their work to artists worldwide.

What is the best website to sell beats?

2.​ ​Airbit. Airbit (formerly MyFlashStore) is arguably the best site to sell beats online because they’re already an established marketplace for any beatmaker to sell their beats, as well as artists looking to buy beats.

How does BeatStars work?

Beatstars helps to put money in the producers’ pockets. Beatstars ensures that artists have to purchase beats directly from producers. This means that producers no longer have to worry about other middle-men who have a tendency of exploiting producers.

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