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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the synonym for became?

Synonyms for Became: v. •suited (verb) become, suited, satisfied, pleased, Served, Dovetailed, Benefited, Fitted. Other synonyms: • sang, Drank, stole, dove. • could.

What is a synonym for becoming?

Synonyms for Becoming: adj. •all (adjective) Comme Il Faut, decorous, comely, seemly. n. v. •suiting (verb) suiting, satisfying, fitting, Dovetailing, benefiting, serving. Other synonyms: • fit, de rigueur.

What is another word for being?

Another word for being. noun. The fact or state of existing or of being actual: actuality, entity, existence, reality. See be, real. The condition of being in full force or operation: actualization, effect, materialization, realization. See be. One that exists independently: entity, existence, existent, individual, object, something, thing.

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