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Frequently Asked Questions

Is apple cider vinegar really that beneficial?

Whilst apple cider vinegar does not contain any vitamins or minerals, it does have potassium content. Many brands that manufacturer apple cider vinegar will display its potassium and acetic acid content in its ingredient list which evidences it has antioxidant benefits. Potassium is a great antioxidant and is found in apples.

Is it safe to take apple cider vinegar pills?

The use of ACV pills by healthy people is generally safe. As a result, they do not lower blood pressure or cholesterol as prescribed by doctors. In addition, they may complement prescription medications and improve the health effects of a diet that is healthful. Do You Take Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Before Or After Meals?

Can I take too much apple cider vinegar?

Furthermore, consuming too much apple cider vinegar can actually eliminate nutrients and even eradicate some of the good-for-you healthy bacteria in your gut. In short, a diluted shot of ACV a day most likely won't hurt, but it may not help either. Your appetite may seriously decrease — or increase — due to consuming too much apple cider vinegar

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