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Frequently Asked Questions

Is warm water better for you then cold water?

Warm Water. Warm water is not necessarily worse than cold water; however, when you are exercising, it may not help replace your fluids as quickly and it will not have the same cooling effect. However, it does not make a significant difference, if you prefer warm water.

Is it better to drink cold water or warm water?

Activity helps with weight control, and drinking water might help control your hunger under some circumstances. While it seems intuitive that cold water might be better for weight loss than room-temperature water, its temperature doesn't make a significant difference.

Does warm water hydrate better than cold?

Yes, it will be helpful in hydrating your body better than cold water. You can drink warm water to have many different types of benefits. Some major benefits of drinking warm water regularly are: Helps to fight virus. Improves bowel movements. Allows a better hydration of the body. Allows the waste to flushes from the kidney.

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