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Frequently Asked Questions

When to take magnesium for best results?

The best time of day to take magnesium for most people is right before bed. It’s also a good idea to split doses, taking some in the morning and some at night, which can help with absorption. Related: Magnesium Oxide: Effective Supplement or Poorly Absorbed?

Does magnesium improve endurance?

A study on physically active students, which showed that supplementing with 8mg of magnesium per kilo of body weight per day produced significant increases in endurance performance and decreased oxygen consumption during sub-maximal exercise (5).

Can magnesium help me lose weight?

While magnesium may help improve insulin and blood sugar levels, supplementation alone may not promote weight loss. Magnesium may not help you lose excess fat, but it may help prevent the weight gain and bloating associated with premenstrual syndrome.

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