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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the watermelon detox diet really work?

Today, there are numerous detox diets, including the broccoli diet, the grapefruit diet, the cucumber diet and more. The proponents of the watermelon detox (or the watermelon diet) believe that it helps to slim down, flushes the toxins out of the body, improves skin and hair condition, boosts your energy and metabolism.

Is Watermelon good for You?

Watermelon has a 92% water content and is rich in electrolytes, making it an excellent re hydrating food. This is important, as de hydration causes the body to be acidic. Recent studies have discovered that watermelons have 1.4x the lycopene content of tomatoes when compared in the same volume.

What is the watermelon diet?

There are a few versions of the watermelon diet. The most popular is a sort of cleanse. It involves a relatively short (but strict) deprivation period, followed by a return to your regular diet. During the first stage, dieters eat nothing but watermelon. This stage usually last for three days.

Is citrulline in watermelon good for You?

As in tomatoes, watermelon is loaded with lycopene, the red carotenoid pigment that gives the fruit its red color. This important antioxidant is powerful in neutralizing harmful free radicals in our body. Perhaps, one of the most important compounds in watermelon is citrulline. Read on to learn more about what citrulline can do for your body.

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