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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of drinking mint water?

Research has found several potential health benefits to drinking mint water: Mint has been a household remedy for upset stomachs for generations. Recently, modern science has pointed to mint’s effectiveness in supporting digestive health.

What are the health benefits of watermint oil?

Watermint can be used to help relieve stuffy noses. From a medicinal perspective, watermint is also understood to be an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning surface wounds, removing excess oil from the face, calming ulcers, and helping to relieve indigestion.

Is water mint good for ponds?

Water mint is an easily identifiable plant, and has a great number of benefits when planted in ponds! Belonging to Lamiaceae, the mint family, water mint or aquatic mint is a perennial flowering semiaquatic herb. Water mint, as it’s also called, is native to the majority of Europe as well as northern Africa and western Asia.

Is watermint a real Mint?

Some historians believe that watermint is the mint referred to in Greek myth of Menthe, the nymph who was turned into the mint plant by jealous Persephone. They also believe that it is watermint that is used by Philemon and Baucis to scrub tables as mentioned in the writings of Ovid.

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