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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of waterways?

Where seaports are located inland, they are approached through a waterway that could be termed "inland" but in practice is generally referred to as a "maritime waterway" (examples Seine Maritime, Loire Maritime, Seeschiffahrtsstraße Elbe).

What are the major waterways in the United States?

The inland and intracoastal waterways of the eastern United States. The inland waterways of the United States include more than 25,000 mi (40,000 km) of navigable waters. Much of the commercially important waterways of the United States consist of the Mississippi River System-the Mississippi River and connecting waterways.

What is Europes most important inland waterway?

Nowadays the Rhine is Europe's most important inland waterway, but 200 years ago, the popular boat tour destination was little more than a malaria-infested marsh.

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