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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is zinc important for men's health?

The health benefits of zinc can benefit everyone, but zinc is especially important for men, because: Scientific studies show zinc has a wide range of health benefits, including: A zinc supplement a day is linked to better immune response, fewer infections, and cold symptoms subsiding faster. 8,9

Can zinc boost testosterone levels in men?

Scientists at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Michigan investigated the effects of zinc on testosterone levels in men between 20 and 80 years old.

How does zinc help in fertility boost?

Zinc is having the vital role in the production of sperms and also in improving potency. Studies clearly explained that a men who takes less zinc content will face the problems with low testosterone levels and decreased semen volume. More intake than to the normal of zinc levels will help for the fertility boost up.

Is zinc good for the prostate?

The prostate has more zinc in it than any other organ in the body. However, men who have prostate cancer have lower-than-normal zinc levels. Studies have also shown that men with higher zinc levels are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Zinc helps prevent the prostate cells from damage.

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