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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should employers offer 401k?

Most employers match employee contributions to 401(k) plans in order to attract and retain talent at their company. Most employees are very anxious about saving for retirement. Usually, if an employee has offers from different companies and all else are equal, 401(k) contribution matching could become a factor in choosing an employer.

What are the benefits of a 401k plan?

There are five key benefits that make investing through a 401(k) retirement plan particularly attractive. They are: Tax advantages. Employer match programs. Investment customization and flexibility. Portability. Loan and hardship withdrawals.

What is the tax advantage of a 401k?

Tax advantages. Two of the tax advantages of sponsoring a 401(k) plan are: Employer contributions are deductible on the employer’s federal income tax return to the extent that the contributions do not exceed the limitations described in section 404 of the Internal Revenue Code. Refer to Publication 560, Retirement Plans for Small Business (SEP,...

Is 401K a defined benefit pension?

A pension, also called a defined benefits plan (which provides a defined monthly payment or benefit versus a 401k which employers contribute to, thus a defined contribution plan), provides a set of cash flows over a period of time. Most pensions pay money on a monthly basis, and is funded by employers and employees to differing degrees.

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