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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I login to benefits online®?

After completing this one time login process, your credentials will automatically be recognized during future visits through your provider's website. Keep in mind this Benefits OnLine ® User ID and Password will be used whenever you access this site outside the Single Sign On process.

How do I contact Merrill Lynch benefits online?

Note: Benefits OnLine® and the Interactive Voice Response system will remain available. Benefits OnLine International - Need Assistance? Call 1-877-767-2404. Call 1-609-818-8894. Please Note: Your Company may have alternate contact information and hours of availability for contacts at Merrill Lynch.

What are the benefits of Merrill guided investing?

All the benefits of Merrill Guided Investing online plus guidance from an advisor along the way. Investment balances can help you earn Preferred Rewards benefits and pricing discounts. Members enjoy program benefits including credit card rewards bonuses, discounts on home and auto loans, monthly account maintenance fee waivers, and more.

How does Merrill provide information about my insurance plan?

In connection with providing these products and services, and at the request of the employer, Merrill makes available websites on the internet, mobile device applications, and written materials, including brochures, in order to provide you with information regarding your plan.

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