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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best GPS tracking apps?

MapQuest is the best GPS tracking app to navigate your destination easily and quickly. It has turn-to-turn voice navigation which guides you about the directions when you’re driving, riding or walking.

What is the best GPS tracker?

Best for Kids: Trax Play Kids' GPS. The Trax unit itself is well-built and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (it's also water and dust resistant). Trax Play also holds the title of being the world’s smallest and lightest GPS live tracker.

How do you track cell phone by GPS?

Activate the GPS chip by follow the instructions given by the tracking software. A text message is sent to the cell phone once the GPS chip has been activated. Track the cell phone using the tracking software on the computer. It will show a map with the location of the cell phone and is updated every 100 feet.

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