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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bhopal a district in Madhya Pradesh?

Bhopal is a district of Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The headquarters of the district is Bhopal which is also the state capital. Guna district in the north of Bhopal district, Vidisha district in North-Eastern, Raisen district in the east and south-east, Sehore district in south and south-west and Rajgarh district in north-west.

How many people died in Bhopal?

Within hours, the streets of Bhopal were littered with human corpses and the carcasses of buffaloes, cows, dogs and birds. An estimated 3,800 people died immediately, mostly in the poor slum colony adjacent to the UCC plant [1,5].

Why was the Bhopal plant built in the first place?

The company built the plant in Bhopal because of its central location and access to transport infrastructure. The specific site within the city was zoned for light industrial and commercial use, not for hazardous industry.

What can we learn from the Bhopal disaster?

Bhopal and its aftermath were a warning that the path to industrialization, for developing countries in general and India in particular, is fraught with human, environmental and economic perils.

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