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Frequently Asked Questions

What events lead to the Bhopal disaster?

1980-1984: The Lead Up to Disaster They Knew the Danger. ... 'Wake up people of Bhopal, you are on the edge of a volcano!'. ... Corruption at Play. ... A Dangerous Shambles. ... Risk the Life of a City, Save $37 a Day. ... The Pace to Disaster Quickens. ... A Deadly Glut of MIC. ...

What caused the Bhopal disaster?

The Bhopal disaster was the result of a combination of legal, technological, organizational, and human errors. The immediate cause of the chemical reaction was the seepage of water (500 liters) into the MIC storage tank.

How did the Bhopal disaster affect the environment?

Bhopal Disaster. Environment: Most of the environment has been infected by the toxic gases. People mostly affected by drinking the polluted water. Effect on Abiotic Factors: The Bhopal Disaster did not have much effect on abiotic factors except for the air. The chemicals spread throughout the air infecting a large population.

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