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Frequently Asked Questions

What is google blogger and how does it work?

Blogger is a free blogging platform that's designed for ease. Because it's owned by Google, users can link it to various other Google products, like photo-sharing site Picasa and social network Google+. Using the basic blog design options, you can get a new blog up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Is blogger owned by Google?

Blogger is a blog-publishing service created by Pyra Labs and owned by Google since 2003. Launched in 1999, Blogger was one of the first dedicated blog-publishing tools. Since it was acquired by Google, the Blogger platform has been integrated with other Google technologies such as Google Toolbar, Google Adsense and Google Docs.

What is google blogger used for?

Blogger is Google’s free tool on the web for creating blogs. Previous versions of Blogger were heavily branded with the Blogger logo, but the latest version is flexible and unbranded, so you can use it to create and promote blogs without a crippling budget.

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