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Frequently Asked Questions

Why blogotex is the best choice?

With Blogotex you do not have to worry about how to put your fresh bloggers team together or how to add more talents to your existing team. Blogotex is used by thousands of Second Life® bloggers every day and you have an opportunity to reach them all by creating an in-system Ad that will be displayed in every blogger’s dashboard.

How does blogblogotex work?

Blogotex comes fully equipped with a powerful notification system. You won’t have to chase each blogger just to tell that her deadline will soon come to an end and she should deliver a post. The same way you won’t have to write any extra notecards when you release a new product and want your team to blog it. And so on…

How do I contact a blogotex resident?

Send an inworld notecard to Blogotex Resident in Second Life® or contact us through our Facebook Page. We’ll answer your question as soon as possible, however in some cases, it might take up to 1-2 business days. Please do not send messages with plain “Hello”.

Does blogotex provide a single payment purchase option?

Does Blogotex provide a single payment purchase option? Unfortunately no. There’s no single price tag you can put on ongoing new features development, technical maintenance, and customer support we provide daily. That’s why Blogotex is subscription-based. You can however pre-pay any amount you choose to prolong your subscription.

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