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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enable Bluetooth on a computer?

Click the "Start" button on the desktop, then choose "Control Panel," "Network and Internet" then finally "Setup a Bluetooth enabled device.". Power on the Bluetooth hardware you want to connect to the computer. You must have some sort of hardware to connect to the computer, in order to enable the Bluetooth connection.

How do you open Bluetooth?

Opening a Bluetooth Wireless Computer Keyboard. Click on the "Start" button on the lower left hand corner of the computer to bring up the start menu. Click on the control menu and let the screen load. Double-click on "Bluetooth devices" and click on the "Add" button.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 [solved]?

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 Normally you can turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 in three easy steps: On your keyboard, hold down the Windows logo key and press the I key to open the Settings window. Click Devices. Click the switch (currently set to Off) to turn on Bluetooth. (The status will change to On.)But if you don't see the switch and your screen looks like the below, there's a problem with Bluetooth on your computer. See More....

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