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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I run bearded computing's emulator access 3270?

This usually occurs when incorrect data is entered on the first page of the emulator. To fix this you need to enter BNSF in the box under ENTER APPROPRIATE LOGON DATA BELOW. "Purchased or third party apps such as Bearded Computing's Emulator Access 3270 will no longer function".

What is TN3270 emulator?

Microsoft Host Integration Server TN3270 is graphical user interface to work within a 3270 terminal emulation session, when connected to a remote IBM mainframe computer across a TCP/IP. To run TN3270 Emulator, on the Start menu, point to All Programs, Microsoft Host Integration Server 2013, and then click TN3270 Emulator.

How do I get support for installing BNSF mainframe on the web?

Support for this installation of BNSF Mainframe on the Web is currently provided by the BNSF TSOC. Direct questions to the TSOC at 593-4357 (Internal) or 1-800-HELP649 (External). Be prepared to provide all of the following information. Without this information, it may take longer for us to assist you.

How do I open a Microsoft tn3720 emulator?

To open an existing Microsoft TN3270 Emulator Configuration Files (*.MSEMU): Click File menu, and then click Open. In the Open dialog, specify a File name, and then click Open. A new TN3720 Emulator window appears, using the settings saved in the MSEMU file.

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