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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BookMe app?

It is a user friendly application where people can browse for upcoming movies and show times, reserve their tickets before hand, review bus schedule and reserve seat through is one of the widely used application in present generation for booking tickets through online web / application.

How to buy cinema and bus tickets online in Pakistan?

Whether having to drive to the cinema or bus stand to book tickets in advance or standing in those seemingly never ending queues is what we had to go through until came into being has introduced online buying of cinema and bus tickets in metropolitan (Lahore , Karachi & Islamabad) city of Pakistan.

What is BookMe's refund policy? is not responsible for any loss, refunds or any other damages in case of cancellation or any other circumstances. is a ticketing platform that is only responsible for issuing a ticket. is not responsible for any delay or booking cancellation of any company.

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