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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookmate and how does it work?

Bookmate is an easy way to read and listen to books online The easiest way to enjoy books Bookmate is a mobile reading app that’s filled with thousands of books.

How do I get a free book from Bookmate?

Take your pick from our ‘free' collection. Can’t find the book you need? Upload it to Bookmate in FB2 or EPUB format and get it on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. For the best ebook experience, adjust the brightness and change the font or the background screen colour.

What is the book keeper mobile app?

With the Book Keeper mobile app, you can capture your expenses, send invoices and create receipts on the go while you are in the field and when you reach office, access the same data on your Windows PC/Laptop. Book Keeper is standalone software, but if you want to email ledger to your client, it is just one click setup.

Is there an app to track what you read?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Bookmeter is an app designed to help you log what you've read during the day. With features including graphs, book shelves, and over 18 million reviews—enjoy Finding, Recording, or Sharing new books.

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