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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were Imam Malik's students?

For the very same reason, he had students from every part of the Muslim world, and among his students, the most famous were Imam Shafi, Imam Sufyan At-Thawri, Ibnu Jaraji, and Abdullah ibn Mubarak. There are narrations that indicate that around 1300 scholars of that time were direct students of Imam Malik.

What happened to Malik books?

The Pandemic has been devastating to Malik Books business. For 6 months our brick and mortar has been closed because of the mandate by California health guidelines for indoor Malls. Please support our gofundme campaign so Malik Books can continue to give voice to the voiceless. Thank you in advance.

What are the best books on Imam Abu Hanifa?

Imam Malik: Life & Work [compiled by Abul Hasant Qasim and published by Somokalin Prokashon, Bangladesh]. This Book is an excellent compilation of authentic books written on Imam Abu Hanifa and other books of history. Lecture of Sheikh Bilal Assaad here and here.

Why did Imam Malik go to Hajj?

Imam Malik never ventured outside Madina except for going to Hajj – he was in immense love for the land of the Prophet (ﷺ). Due to this reason, he had the opportunity to meet almost every great scholar of his time including Abu Hanifa, Abu Yusuf, Lais ibn Saad, and so many.

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