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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the trams in Bordeaux?

The final extension to northern terminus of the line at Cité Claveau, near to the Pont d'Aquitaine on the Bordeaux ring road, opened in October 2008. The main depot for trams is at Thiers Benauge (off Line A) and a secondary depot has opened on Line B at Rue Achard on the new extension towards Claveau.

How to get from Lormont to Bordeaux?

Tram A: Is the longest line and connects Lormont and Floirac to Mérignac (all of which are outer suburbs of Bordeaux). The line connects the left and right banks of the Garonne, passing over the old stone bridge (Pont de Pierre) and the center of Bordeaux.

How to get around Bordeaux?

The tram is the way to get around Bordeaux if you’re visiting as it is clean, cost effective and easy! One thing that you’ll notice when you arrive in Bordeaux is the efficient use of the tramway which was installed in 2003.

How many stops are there on the tram in Paris?

The routes serve a total of 130 tram stops, counting the nine stops on the section of track shared by lines C and D, and the three interchange points in the city centre ( Hotel de Ville, Porte de Bourgogne and Quinconces) once only.

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