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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lanes are there in a bowling alley?

Standing strong since 1954, the bowling alley boasts (surprise) 39 lanes complete with a roundabout bar, coffee shop, arcade and billiards room.

What are the best bowling alleys in westsidery?

Around since 1958, this 28-lane alley is a Westsider's go-to for good old-fashioned play. Minus the expensive eats and blacklit club vibes you'll find at bowling alleys gone modern, AMF Mar Vista has the no-nonsense essentials—burgers and beers, pool tables and arcade games and, of course, bowling abound.

How much does it cost to rent a bowling lane?

Behind the lanes, two bars provide plenty of space to hang even if you're not here for bowling. The price to rent a lane fluctuates between $50 and $70 for an hour, depending on the date and time, but with each lane holding up to six people, it's a solid—and standard—fee.

What is the oldest bowling alley in Los Angeles?

Montrose Bowl. As the oldest operating bowling alley in LA County, this '50s style gem boasts just eight charming lanes, making it also LA's quaintest. Montrose Bowl opened in 1936, and has since served as the backdrop for an array of films and TV Shows, including Pleasantville and Teen Wolf.

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