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Frequently Asked Questions

How many data breaches have there been in 2019?

2019 data breaches: 4 billion records breached so far 1 Financial Data Breaches. ... 2 Entertainment Data Breaches. ... 3 Healthcare Data Breaches. ... 4 Education Data Breaches. ... 5 Government Data Breaches. ... 6 Other Business Data Breaches. ...

What happened to SharePoint 2019 data breach?

The data breach itself took place in October 2019 but wasn’t discovered until April 2020. An unauthorized individual gained access to login credentials for SSH on hosting accounts, and as a result, the breach only affected hosting accounts.

What happened to the capital one data breach?

According to Capital One, Thompson completed her hack on March 22 and 23, 2019. She has since been arrested. Overall, the breach affected about 100 million consumers in the United States and about 6 million in Canada. The data breach has been a costly one.

What is the Pearson data breach case?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced today that Pearson, a British multinational educational publishing and services company, has settled charges of mishandling the disclosure process for a 2018 data breach discovered in March 2019.

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