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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brexit really going to happen?

The biggest question has now been answered: Yes, some kind of Brexit is going to happen. That much became certain in recent days, as lawmakers in London and Brussels officially blessed Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan to take Britain out of the European Union at the end of this week. But that milestone does not end the story.

What really caused Brexit?

The second reason for Brexit is the rise of nationalism across the world. There's a growing distrust of multinational financial, trade, and defense organizations created after World War II. The EU, the IMF , and NATO are good examples of this. Many who oppose the EU believe these institutions no longer serve a purpose.

What is Brexit really about?

What Brexit Is Really About. The Common Market, as it was then known, had been formed on the basis of a Franco-German deal, which offered the French the huge advantage of the Common Agricultural Policy in return for free trade in manufactured goods which was of great benefit to German manufacturing.

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