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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Brooks Good Shoes?

Brooks is well known for its great running shoes, so many people assume that any pair of Brooks running shoes can double up as a pair of walking shoes as well. That may well be what is happening, but the fact is that running shoes are not good for walking and vice versa.

What is the best Brooks walking shoe?

The Brooks Addiction V-Strap walking shoe has all the fantastic features of the Brooks Addiction Walker with an added convenient hook and loop fastening mechanism. This shoe is the V-strap version of the one reviewed earlier. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has a great fit while essentially being a casual shoe.

Does Brooks make kids shoes?

Brooks Shoes for Kids brings 60 years of experience to the children's shoe business. Established in 1956 and under under the stewardship of the second generation, Brooks Shoes for Kids is an all in one shopping experience. We specialize in all areas of children's shoes.

Where to buy Brooks shoes? is proud to offer an array of performance-enhancing Brooks shoes for every kind of athlete, from the boundary-pushing marathoners to neighborhood joggers who settle for nothing but the best on their feet.

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