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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable browser extensions?

Open Internet Explorer. Select the Settings Gear at the upper-right corner and choose “Internet Options“. Select the “Advanced” tab. Scroll down to the “Browsing” section. Check or uncheck the “Enable third-party browser extensions” as desired. Close Internet Explorer, then restart the computer for the setting to take effect.

How do you install browser extension?

To install the access panel browser extension, do the following: In one of the supported browsers, open the access panel, and then sign in as a user in your Azure AD account. Select a password-based SSO application. When you are prompted, select Install Now. You are directed to the download link for your selected browser.

How do I download an extension?

To download an extension On the Tools menu, choose Extensions and Updates. In the Extension Manager, choose and expand the Online Gallery node. Choose the extension that you want to download and then choose the Download button. In the Download and Install dialog box, read the license agreement (if any).

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