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Frequently Asked Questions

How is browser market share calculated?

In reality, market share is determined from actual browser usage. The figures are probabilities. Assume browserX has a 50% market share. If you examine a random file hit on a random website, the chance that browserX was used is 1 in 2.

Which is better Firefox or edge?

Microsoft Edge continued to impress with its excellent memory and CPU resource management as well. While Firefox’s resource management was not off the charts, Edge is better optimized for low-end PCs and otherwise. Switching from Edge to Firefox and vice versa is easy enough.

Is Firefox faster than edge?

Edge is also faster than Chrome and Firefox, they show that scores significantly aligned. The situation is very similar with Jet Stream, in which Edge is considerably faster than IE 11 and even surpasses Chrome and Firefox.

Is Firefox faster than chrome?

Chrome is not necessarily faster than Firefox, and Firefox is not necessarily faster than IE. The web is very diverse. Every website uses different features in CSS and JavaScript. Some work faster on Chrome, some work faster on Firefox, some work faster on Internet Explorer.

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