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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my browser settings?

Click the "Tools" menu and select the "Internet Options" title. Click each tab, such as "Connections" and "Programs," at the top of the dialog box to review your current settings. For instance, look for the "Security" setting to enter any websites that you would like to block from this browser.

How do you manage browser settings?

From the menu, select "Settings.". A new tab opens within your browser that displays primary browser settings. From this screen, you can manage users, appearance, startup behavior and search engines, and designate whether Chrome is your default browser.

How do you reset your browser settings?

Settings matching the search term start displaying. Click the Perform a search for “reset browser” and you’ll see the Reset browser settings button. The Reset settings dialog box displays, telling you what resetting your settings will do. Click “Reset” if you’re sure you want to reset your Chrome settings.

What is my default browser settings?

You can also set the default browser through the Control Panel. Open the Start menu, type 'Default programs', hit enter and click 'Set your default programs' in the window that appears. Click your browser in the list on the left and then click 'Set this program default' on the right.

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