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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of bulbar ALS?

Bulbar ALS Life Expectancy. 20% survive for five years and 10 % for more than 10 years. Patients with bulbar ALS may live longer with assisted respiration such as ventilator, but may require round the clock qualified nursing care.

What causes pseudobulbar palsy?

Causes of Pseudobulbar Palsy. Pseudobulbar Palsy is caused as a result of some type of damage to motor fibers traversing from cerebral cortex to lower brainstem. This damage may be due to a variety of neurological disorders involving demyelination and bilateral corticobulbar lesions.

What are the stages of progressive bulbar palsy?

Progressive bulbar palsy is a difficult to diagnose condition. No one test or procedure offers a definitive diagnosis. Diagnosis is largely based upon the person's symptoms, tests that show how well their nerves are working (e.g., an EMG or electromyography), and ruling out other causes for the symptoms.

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