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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name bulbous mean?

Definition of bulbous. 1 : having a bulb : growing from or bearing bulbs. 2. : resembling a bulb especially in roundness. a bulbous nose.

What does bulbous plant mean?

Ornamental bulbous plants, often called ornamental bulbs or just bulbs in gardening and horticulture, are herbaceous perennials grown for ornamental purposes, which have underground or near ground storage organs. Botanists distinguish between true bulbs, corms, rhizomes, tubers and tuberous roots, any of which may be termed "bulbs" in horticulture.

What is another word for bulbous?

Synonyms for Bulbous: adj. •globular (adjective) globoid. •jutting (adjective) protuberant, protruding. n. • huge, high, enormous, great, king-size, large, big, vast, wide, immense. Other synonyms: • malformed, well-turned, globular, angular, aerodynamic, graceful, silhouetted, contoured, deformed, sinuous, pointy, two-dimensional.

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